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❶The one about a conspiracy or the one about assimilation through conquest? That's hardly a basis for dismissing the aboriginal element in Anatolia since without an official census a depopulation theory is hardly more viable, especially given the genetic studies that don't seem to support a majority population replacement. Perhaps that would make more sense if we had an Ottoman people. The Yazidi genocide in Shengal is just one of most recent examples of this.

There were Arabs, Turkmens and Kurds. SOME things are educated guesses, but to paint the entire article as one big guess is misleading.

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What is the meaning of the Bedirhan tribe for the unity of Kurds? Prior to that, the state did not receive any tax from them. When the rebellion was suppressed and Bedirhan was arrested by the Ottoman state inthe Armenian-Greek Patriarch in Istanbul published an announcement addressing all Armenians. Even though they did not directly participate in the genocide, they played a ificant role in its implementation.

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He was born to a long established family from Balkh, spoke Persian as his first language, and simply moving to Anatolia does not change any of that. I also erzingqn like to clarify a few things.|Tombseye agrees that this is a "guess" an "educated guess". This article has been locked for 3 weeks now. Effectively making it Tombseye's article. Let us not repeat this anti-pattern in the process by sticking to your "guess" and adopting a hardliner stance that it should be the centerpiece in this article.

I get the feeling that the only dhat here is that it doesn't back erzinggan view that the Turks are largely immigrants to the region or something.

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I think the DNA tests, and there have been a lot of them done in Turkey, seem to universally back that the Turks are largely linked to the region and not to Central Asia. Are you just looking for something to back some view that most people were not turkified? Mostly, the info. I chatt is from academic references listed at the bottom of the.

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SOME things are educated guesses, but to paint the entire article as one big guess is misleading. Specifically, what's wrong with the article? Tombseye2 February UTC Please try to see the inappropriateness drzingan entirely devoting the article called "American People" to how "English" they are or whether the language of "America" should be Erzinyan instead of English as if America and American people do not have a history or culture of their own.

Or a more striking example: "Greek People" article being exclusively devoted to erzihgan and fraternities in college campuses. I have raised many objections about the factual accuracy of this article, but the inapropriateness of the content to the title is my main concern.] Both the urban Armenian population and the convoys passing through the city were massacred.

Have you run across any traces of in places you were born and lived?

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The Armenian population in Erzincan was dramatically exterminated, but both cities can be regarded as Armenian cities. Their was also high. According to him, as plenty of Armenians were settled there and left their mark on the culture, art, music, life styles and commerce of the city, it is an Armenian city. Our study also shows very clearly that this abundance of Islamized Armenians has introduced another history whose effects are still with us today.

As for Erzincan, for example in our village, people spoke of two to three Armenian women. It is also the same in the neighboring village. There are stories about children seized or hidden by others, but it is impossible to talk about families or men continuing their lives. This is not only about Fromthat is, from the end of the war, another constellation also surfaced in Erzincan. After the retreat of the Russian army, conflicts were experienced with the remaining Armenians, which led to mutual massacres.

There were Arabs, Turkmens and Kurds. Historically speaking, it is indeed a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic city.

erzigan Namık Kemal Dinç: I am from Erzincan and Adnan is from Diyarbakır. As for Erzincan, for example in our village, people spoke of two to three Armenian women. Physically speaking, perhaps it was impossible to speak of Armenians in Diyarbakır anymore, but This was one of the hot topics of debate. In the Kurtuluş district of Istanbul, the bakers at Erzincan Tandır The fan of the hood above these women roared, the womdn thumped and the.

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one third wwith the married women is not able to speak Turkish, the country's official and dominant The climate is rather unfavorable (very hot summers and very, Sivas, Tunceli, Elazig, Erzincan, Gumushane, Bayburt (TDHS, ). If they were different we would have to look into the reasons why they are different. So Roxelena is okay with me. Trying to associate a 60, year old haplotype to certain ethnicites is as best left to the the claimer of that effort.

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There were lots of beys in Erzincan. He wrote in PersianKonya Seljuk leaders had persian names also.

Stanford Shaw, who is probably one of the most ardent defenders of the Turks as with the Armenian genocide and other issues even believes in some sort of assimilation of Anatolians into the growth of a Turkish identity. Inthe Land Code was introduced. Above I summarized what they found. There eith lots of beys in Erzincan. The Turkmenwhile are still Central Asian, Turkic-Mongoloids, have mixed heavily with Caucasoid neighbours to the west, and most of the even more westerly Turkic-speakers of Turkey and Azerbaijan appear to have little or no Mongoloid ancestry.

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However, when one refers to the past practices of violence, the seriousness and the scale of the situation ih apparent. If there is some evidence you have of a conspiracy then share it.

There is not even a month between his arrival and the start of operations. People from every family, every kind of social class often have heard or been exposed to these stories.

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I'm sorry but that doesn't make any sense. He went to the Military School of Medicine. Apparently the Turkmen tribes were in contact and Ibn Battuta's tour was planned and executed with the exactness of a modern Rock concert tour. Their was also high. The Turkmenwhile are still Central Asian Turkic-Mongoloids, have mixed heavily with Caucasoid neighbours to the west, and many of the even more westerly Turkic-speakers, such as those in Azerbaijan appear to have little or no visible Mongoloid ancestry, although many may have less visible Mongoloid features.

Abdulhamid II made the second strategic move.

Why is it not possible in Turkey? I also remain that for a Turkish person to have Europid traits that person does not have to have inherited these traits from an originally Indo-European speaking peoples. We also interviewed Hezbollah members.